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How live location tracker app works?

Our app is designed with very friendly user interface where user can register themselves as Admin, Team Lead or Field Executive. After registration, Admin can assign Team Lead tasks and track all employees by using our tracking system. Team Lead can manage team members by assigning and monitoring individual tasks. Team Lead can locate all his Field Executives. The user who wants to track any other app user’s location can send a request to that user using the public unique key of another user with whom he wants to connect. User from another end will receive request notification with request sender’s information and after allowing the permission the person will get live location update of another device. Web based solution to track GPS location of field executive and manage their all day activities by using our modern tracking techniques. We believe in maximum utilization of resources, that’s why we help you to take an eye on your employees.

What We Offer

We help you to track your employee's location and all day market activities at real time by using GPS Location and Geo Fencing. Accurate tracking of your employees by using cutting Edge Technology. We provide guarantee to take an eye on every step of your employee by following features:

  • Route Management
  • Attendance Record
  • Team Management
  • Reports Analysis
  • Online Chat

Administrative Tasks

Employee Management Salary Management Team Lead Objective Alerts & Reporting Chat with every employee

Team Lead Tasks

Route allocation Team Management Chat with every employee everflow platform allows you

Field Executive Tasks

Route Following Daily Attendance Record Check-in & Check-out Order Booking Daily Expenses Chat with Reporting Person

Fine grained controls in real time

to manage and aplly all network controls to a very level, while keeping the UI simple and clean. This allows you to optimize your network managment without interface overload. We believe simple is hard and thats we have created

Product Overview

We have web-based admin panel to track GPS location of field executive and manage their all day activities by using our modern tracking techniques. It is complete tracking solution which developed for various business industries, like Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing Organizations, Service Providers, Marketing & Real Estate Companies and much more to ensure location of your field executives. We believe in maximum utilization of resources, that's why we help you to take an eye on your employees so you can easily focus on the right things for your business growth.Our tracking app covers all the field executive tasks which they required to complete on daily basis, like customer meetings, Delivering sample products, order taking, payment collection, customer feedback, delivering advertising material to customer, Daily Expense record and much more....

Our Key Features

  • Attendance Record by Mobile App (including Time and Location)
  • Employee location can be seen on map
  • Contact List on Mobile App
  • Email alerts and Notifications
  • User Check-in & Check-out (including Time and Location)
  • Customer location can be set after check-in
  • Product marketing documents can be shared by Email/Whatsapp
  • Sales order can be confirmed
  • Payment collection can be performed
  • User can take images from customer location
  • User can provide customer feedback
  • Product documents are available on Mobile App for reference
  • Seven Days offline tracking capacity
  • Real Time online tracking capacity on mobile app and web portal
  • GPS technology to provide accurate information
  • Improves field executive productivity
  • Daily visits report of field executive
  • Sales activity will be automatically updated at daily basis
  • Field Executive covered distance available on both Web-Panel &
  • Accurate GPS location in office hours
  • You can track any resource anytime
  • Monthly visit reports of all resources
  • Total covered distance for reimbursement
  • Monthly attendance report
  • Daily expense record for all users
  • User friendly app
  • Reasonable price to take an eye on every resource

Find employees on Mobile App

Track Your Resource App is available free on the Google Play Store! You will find all the functions of resource tracking on our Mobile App as well as web-based panel.

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